Examples of Services
  1. Graphic design, silkscreen & printing, inject printing, etc
  2. Light-box, neon-sign, flyover-sign for overhead bridge
  3. Poster, directories, logo, banner, notice board & sign, road sign, mica & acrylic signs
  4. Bill board, construction signboard and related project
  5. Box-up & 3D lettering, brass plate & lettering, stainless steel plate and lettering, plastic and brass engraving
  6. Backdrop of lobby & counter
  7. Sandblasting on glass paels
  8. All types of indoor & outdoor sign-displays
  9. Supplying of the necessities for promotional or ceremonial events and functions
Services offered
  1. Conceptualising and consulting of making display-signs for best effect and value
  2. Designing, fabrication and installation of indoor and outdoor signage
  3. Upgrading and maintenance of signage
  4. Licensing of signage
  5. Promotional or ceremonial events & functions